Some people say that if you badly want something, you must pay the price for it. But what if you only want a good designer watch that you can be proud of? Of course, you will pay for it, but should it cost you a lot because of its hefty prizes?

We researched and listed the best accessible designer watches in the market today. And in this article, we will share this shortlist of the best timepieces perfect for you and your budget — a list consisting of the most respected and well-known names in the industry, such as Daniel Wellington, Timex, MK gold watch, and many more.

1. Michael Kors Pavé Gold-Tone Logo Watch

 Need a timepiece that can easily stand out at any party? Make way for the MK Pavé Gold-Tone Logo watch. From the pride of Michael Kors house of fashion, this elegant watch is made perfectly for people who love luxurious and fashionable looks. Masterfully crafted using gold-toned stainless steel, this is one of the precious watches of this company. What’s even better is its price — it would only cost you not more than $200 for this charming timepiece. It’s a great watch that will certainly glam up your everyday look!  visit here

2. Daniel Wellington Petite Bondi Watch

 Are you looking for a classy yet minimalist watch that will suit your everyday lifestyle? Then Daniel Wellington’s Petite Bondi is the best choice for you. With an eggshell white dial and white strap made of strong hypo-allergenic leather, this watch resembles simplicity and elegance in one. But do not be confused with its classy looks. — this watch will only cost you more or less than $300. It is a nice prize for an awesome item, right?

3. Victorinox Swiss Army Women’s Maverick Small Watch

 This brand has been pretty popular because of its reliable items. But did you know that they also produce quality and outstanding watches? We introduce the Victorinox Swiss Army Women’s Maverick small watch! With a sophisticated blend of elegance and function, this watch is a rare gem among others on this list. Made with elite craftsmanship and high-end materials, it is a perfect everyday watch companion for all the ladies out there.

4. Nixon Time Teller

Another minimalist-designed watch on the list, the Time Teller is one of the best timepieces that Nixon’s house of fashion contributed to the sophisticated world of watchmaking. Using their expertise and innovation in watchmaking,  they have perfectly combined the classic design with a touch of modern looks and vibes. This watch is one of the favorites on this list. At an affordable price for a nice-looking and durable watch, this one is a great deal for you!  

5. Skagen Freja Lille Two-Tone Steel Mesh Watch

 The Feja Lille Steel Mesh watch is also one of the most accessible designer watches worth your money. Skagen, a well-known pro-planet company, has made this timepiece as environmentally friendly as it could. Made from at least 50% recycled steel, this watch is a good choice for you, me, and Mother Nature. They offer true feminine timepieces that match the simplicity and beauty of our nature and its wearer. Choosing this timepiece isn’t only for style and function — it also contributes to preserving the environment.

6. The Q Timex Expansion Band Watch

 Known for their continuing innovation in the watchmaking industry, Timex has again produced a reliable watch. The Q Timex Steel Expansion Band Watch is a new part of the ladies’ watch collection. This timepiece has exceeded people’s expectations. 

Inspired by the Malibu beaches and bringing back the classic vibe, the playful theme of this watch is perfect for every lady who loves to explore the world with a bang. This watch has an easily-adjustable Perfect Fit expansion band for a style and fits that you will undeniably love. 

7. Citizen Women Eco-Drive Silhouette Crystal Watch

 Made to transform a simple girl into a stylish and lovely lady, the Silhouette Crystal watch is one of the standard-setters for a good yet affordable prominent watch. As a watch powered by light, this is also an eco-friendly timepiece that will not only compliment your looks but also your principle as a nature-loving individual. And what matters most is that its beauty and quality come with a much cheaper piece than the other luxurious brand. A good watch for a good price!

8. Tissot Women’s T-Race

 Are you a sporty kind of person? Do you love adventures and the thrill coming from them? Well, if that is the case, this watch is specifically made for you! The Tissot women’s T-Race is an all-in-one timepiece for those with a passion for sports and exciting voyages. With its timekeeping technology, a modern design, and superiority when it comes to quality, this watch is an all-in-one deal for you. It’s an affordable watch for its features, and it also has a two-year warranty for the company to prove to us that this watch is worth our money.

9. Kate Spade Holland Silver Toned Bracelet Watch

 A sleek and chic watch for ladies of all ages, we are truly grateful for this timepiece made by Kate Spade New York. Having an affordable price without compromising the durability and materials used in making this watch, it is an outstanding choice for everyone who loves to have a watch that will complement their classy lifestyle and meticulous looks. Made with stainless plated metal and silver hands on the inside, you are guaranteed its durability and excellence.

Final Thoughts

Now that we are still in this pandemic, it is still best for us to manage our savings properly for emergency purposes. But that does not mean that you should not buy precious items that will add some glam to your life. These signature watches listed above prove that you can still have luxury items without fully emptying your wallet. 

If you want to check out more accessible designer watches, you may visit a reliable online shop,, guaranteed to offer 100% authentic watches.